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The Newsletter 98 Summer 2024

The Newsletter is published by IIAS 3 times a year, and distributed in both electronic and paper formats. Each issue includes a number of research essays, reviews of Asian studies publications, news about IIAS projects and programmes, a featured art exhibition, and pages edited by our regional partners. Order your free copy through

The small volcanic island of Pongso no Ta-u (Lanyu, Orchid Island), off the southeast coast of Taiwan, is the home to the Indigenous community known as the Ta-u or Yami people. This edition of The Focus explores the history of the Ta-u, their living culture, and the group’s deep connection to the island they inhabit. In a model of collaboration and exchange, each contribution was authored by a member of the Ta-u community, yielding an inside perspective of life on and beyond Pongso no Ta-u.


The Slate

The Slate

Place-Based Education and Community Storytelling