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The Newsletter 81 Autumn 2018

The Newsletter 81 Autumn 2018

A collective and interdisciplinary analysis of social progress

The recent decades have seen a decline in world poverty and an extension of democracy in many countries around the world. Nevertheless, many people have the feeling that this has also been a period of social setbacks, and there is a general atmosphere of skepticism regarding the possibility of long-term substantial social progress. A new report compiled by the International Panel on Social Progress (IPSP) seeks to gain insights into what the current main risks and challenges are, and how institutions and policies can be improved if the plagues of inequality, segregation, intolerance, exclusion and violence are to be fought. This Focus shares the message of hope found in the IPSP report: A better society is indeed possible, its contours can be broadly described, and all we need is to gather forces toward realizing this vision.


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4 - 5 IIAS celebrates 25 years
A number of special activities have been planned for the upcoming year in honour of IIAS’s 25th anniversary
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The Study

6 - 7

Imaginaries of Jurong Industrial Estate, Singapore 
By Loh Kah Seng
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The lingering corpse in the Chinese urban
By Qin Shao
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A besieged artist: Hal Wichers in the Netherlands Indies
By Louis Zweers
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10 -11

China's country music: China wind
By Milan Ismangil
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The Region

12 - 14

China Connections
Regional editor Cheryl M. Schmitz
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15 - 17

News from Northeast Asia
Regional editor Ilhong Ko
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18 - 19

News from Southeast Asia
Regional editor Terence Chong
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20 - 23

News from Australia and the Pacific
Edited by Ana Dragojlovic, Edwin Jurriëns and Andy Fuller
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The Review

24 - 25 ...... New reviews on download PDF

26 - 27

Trajectories of memory embodied in memorial and historical sites
By John Kleinen
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26 - 27

A Problem of Scale: Food Safety in China
By Sacha Cody
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Child's Play
By Gwyn McClelland
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The Focus: A collective and interdisciplinary analysis of social progress


A collective and interdisciplinary analysis of social progress
Guest Editor: Olivier Bouin
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Rethinking Asia for the 21st Century
By Ravi Kanbur
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Social justice and well-being: lessons for Asia
By Hiroshi Ono
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32 - 33

Values and principles for social progress 
By Henry S. Richardson
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34 - 35

Economic growth, social progress and planetary welfare
By Purnamita Dasgupta
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36 - 37

Public health and social progress
By Vivian Lin, Britta Baer & Kate Silburn
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38 - 39

Sustainable social progress begins with education: current perspectives on the Asia region
By Suman Verma
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Religion and social flourishing in Asia
By Samia Huq
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The Network


Report: Becoming a scholar in Cambodia: Struggles and ambitions
By Kunthea Chhom
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Report: Mapping, sensing, moving: Spatial methods for divided landscapes
By Sanderien Verstappen
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Report: Places and pedagogies: rethinking Area Studies through ‘Postcolonial Displacements’
By Erik de Maaker, Sanjukta Sunderason & Sanderien Verstappen
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44 - 45

Report: Collaborative teaching between cultures and fields. Curation of the photo exhibition 'Dilliwale' in Shanghai
By Zhao Xiaomei & Surajit Sarkar
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46 - 47

The weird third thing. Report on a workshop on Chinese poetry and translation
By Lucas Klein and Maghiel van Crevel
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New Publication: Waiting and not waiting
By Manpreet K. Janeja
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Building the New Silk Road: China’s Belt and Road Initiative in context 
By Richard T. Griffiths
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49 New Titles in the AUP/IIAS Series on Asian Studies download PDF

Digital Resources


East Asia Resource Library in Slovenia. Open a matchbox and access global knowledge of the region
By Zlatko Šabič & Mirjam Kotar
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Naval Kishore Press - digital: From hidden treasure to open access
By Nicole Merkel-Hilf
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200 years Oriental Studies in Russia. The Institute of Oriental Studies against the background of Russian history
By Dina V. Dubrovskaya
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53...... IIAS Fellowship Programme download PDF
In the spotlight: Xiaosen Song and Daniel Mekonnen

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The Portrait


Song of Spring: Pan Yu-Lin in Paris
By the Chantal Miller Gallery, Asia Society Hong Kong Center (ASHK)
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