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IIAS Newsletter 40 Spring 2006



The changing art of seduction: ritual courtship, performing prostitutes, erotic entertainment.


Contents #40

2 Confucius Inc., Plato & Co. / Director's note
3 Letters


The Art of Seduction

1, 4 - 5 The changing art of seduction: ritual courtship, performing prostitutes, erotic entertainment / Bart Barendregt
6 The seductive voice / Wim van der Meer
7 Love songs and temple festivals in northwest China / Frank Kouwenhoven
8 Indian courtesans: from reality to the silver screen and back again / Jolanda
Djaimala Boejharat
9 Beauty of seduction in a Tokyo host club / Akiko Takeyama
10 The art of no-seduction: Muslim boy-band music in Southeast Asia and fear of the female voice / Bart Barendregt
11 Dance floor politics in easternmost Java / Ben Arps



12 The Indonesian conundrum: entrenched corruption and failing reform /
Peter King
13 Corruption, collusion and nepotism after Suharto: Indonesia’s past or future? / Richard Robison
14 The price of uncertainty: kampung land politics in post-Suharto Bandung /
Gustaaf Reerink
15 Land and authority: the state and the village in Pasir, East Kalimantan /
Laurens Bakker
16 Colonial rivalry and the partition of Timor / Hans Hägerdal
17 Living on the Line of Control: changing family and kinship networks in Devipur Camp / Abha Chauhan
18 Contemporary Taiwanese women’s arts: curating a movement into art / Ming-Hui Chen
19 The way of the world / Simon Wickham-Smith

Miss IIAS Newsletter Spring 2006



23 Books received
24 Islamic banking in Southeast Asia / Muhammed Hassanali
25 The Kyoto School, American empire and the post-white world / Kenn Nakata Steffensen
26 In pursuit of inclusive democracy for a multi-ethnic state: Nepal at the crossroads / Alpo Ratia
27 Khmer identity: a religious perspective / Carolina Ivanescu
28 Dynamics of social inequality in Vietnam / Phuong An Nguyen
29 Piracy in Southeast Asia / Stefan Eklöf


International Institute for Asian Studies

30 Pensioners on the move: social security and trans-border retirement migration in Asia and Europe / Mika Toyota, Anita Böcker, Elspeth Guild
31 ICAS 5 in Kuala Lumpur
32 IIAS fellows
33 IIAS research
34 - 35 Announcements
36 - 37 International arts agenda / Carol Brash
38 - 39 International conference agenda
40 Colophon