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IIAS Newsletter 38 Autumn 2005



Nations in the looking-glass: the war in changing retrospect, 1945-2005


Contents #38

2 Asia scholars as intermediaries between East and West / Director's note


The Asia-Pacific War: history & memory

1, 4, 5 Nations in the looking-glass: the war in changing retrospect, 1945-2005 / Ethan Mark
3 The politics of memory / Takeo David Hymans
6 War and the colonial legacy in recent South Korean scholarship / Kyu Hyun Kim
7 Between the national and the transnational: Li Xianglan/Yamaguchi Yoshiko and pan-Asianism / Yiman Wang
8 On occupied China / Poshek Fu
9 The lament of progressivism: voicing war responsibility in postwar Japan / Rikki Kersten
10 Workers at war: class formation in wartime Chongqing / Joshua H. Howard
11 Neither victors nor victims: transplanted/suppressed memories of
the Sino-Japanese War in postwar Taiwan
/ Mike Shi-chi Lan
12 Memorializing the Tokyo air raids / Cary Karacas
13 The memory wars: Japan, China and Asia's future / Peter King
14 A slow remembering: China's memory of the war against Japan / Rana Mitter
15 Militarization of nutrition in wartime Japan / Katarzyna J. Cwiertka
16 The nation's path interrupted: the Pacific War in Philippine history textbooks / Portia L. Reyes
17 Catastrophe on Peleliu: islanders' memories of the Pacific War / Stephen C. Murray
18 A nightmare in the making: war, nation and children's media in Japan, 1891-1945 / Owen Griffiths
19 Anatomy of the Ytshtkan war museum: educating Japanese youth? / Takashi Yoshida
20 Negotiating colonialism: Taiwan literature during the Japanese occupation / Lin Pei-Yin
21 Connecting the experiences of the Sino-Japanese and Asia-Pacific Wars /
Ethan Mark
22 Borneo constituencies: Japanese rule and its legitimation / Remco Raben
23 ‘If the self is cultivated, ...’ - some remarks on philosophy and politics in wartime Japan / Christian Uhl


International Institute for Asian Studies

24 - 25 International Convention of Asia Scholars 4 in Shanghai
24 - 25 The future of Asia: cross-cultural conversations in history / Barabara Watson Andaya
26 - 27 IIAS fellows
28 IIAS research programmes, networks & initiatives
28 Energy Programme Asia / Mehdi Parvizi Amineh
29 Socio-Genetic Marginalization in Asia / Margaret Sleeboom-Faulkner
30 Seeking knowledge unto Qum: the education of Indonesian Shi’i ustadhs / Zulkifli
31 The heart of Borneo: a challenge for social scientists / Manon Osseweijer and Gerard A. Persoon
31 Towards social stability and democratic governance in Central Eurasia: challenges to regional security / Irina Morozova
32 Illegal but licit: transnational flows and permissive polities in Asia / Willem van Schendel
33 Books received
34 The future of rural income and rice production in China / Marrit van den Berg, Huib Hengsdijk, Wang Guanghuo, Joost Wolf, Martin van Ittersum, Reimund Roetter
35 European Alliance for Asian Studies
36 - 37 Announcements
38 - 39 International conference agenda
40 Colophon