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IIAS Newsletter 37 Summer 2005



During 2003 and 2004 the talk of the town in Beijing’s political, media and diplomatic circles was the ‘peaceful rise of China’ to superpower status. China’s leadership, led by president Hu Jintao, had presented a new vision: China’s rise would be different from those of Germany and Japan, whose arrival on the world stage triggered two world wars. Riding the wave of globalization, China would rise through long-term economic growth, trade and investment, regional cooperation and integration, all guided by deft and peaceful diplomacy.


Contents #37

1 & 4 Does culture matter? Ravni Thakur
2 Off-shoring Asian Studies? Director's note
3 Letters


China’s new pride

5 Will China's rise be peaceful? Willem van Kemenade
6 Power and energy supply security Mehdi Parvizi Amineh
6-7 Yearnings Shi Yong
7 The new Chineseness: great leap forward or backward? Yue Tao
8 China in the world economy Wang Ping
9 Environmentalism and civil society Peter Ho & Richard Louis Edmonds
10 State vs. market: media in transition Sigrun Abels



11 A bird's eye view of the Bird's Head Peninsula Ger Reesink & Jelle Miedema, interview by Flip van Helden
12 Cleavages, electoral systems and the politicization of Islam in Indonesia and Malaysia Andreas Ufen
13 Whose nation? The illusion of national unity in the Philippines Iben Trino-Molenkamp
14 Technologies of feeling and being: medicines in contemporary Indonesia Margot L. Lyon
15 Particles and intonation: the expression of information structure in Manado Malay Ruben Stoel
16 Nouns, imperative and irrealis in Old Javanese Alexander K. Ogloblin
17 Script and identity in Southeast Asia Kees van Dijk
18 Linguistic strategies of de-Islamization and colonial science: Indo-Muslim physicians and the yûnânî denomination Fabrizio Speziale
19 'For us Joyce is a nightmare': a conversation with Hindi poet Vishnu Khare Jeroen van Nieuwland
20 Shah Datta - a Hindu god in Muslim garb Dus˜an Déak
21 Dravidian Studies in the Netherlands part 3 (1980-present): the rise and fall of a discipline Luba Zubkova
22 Isidore van Kinsbergen: photographs of Java and Bali, 1855-1880 Gerda Theuns-de Boer
23 Gender, myth and mythmaking Thera Giezen



24 New developments in Chinese and Asian environmental history Kenneth J. Hammond
25 Nation-centric academic communities Kurt Radtke
26 Contesting Malayness: the quest for the elusive Melayu Md. Salleh Yaapar
27 Toward an eclectic peasant historiography Manish K. Thakur
28 Books received



29 IIAS fellows
30 Southeast Asia: ancient centre of urbanization? John Miksic
31 IIAS research
32 Port cities Peter Nas
33 Projects / events / call for papers
33-35 Announcements
36-37 International conference agenda
38-39 Arts agenda Carol Brash
40 Colophon