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IIAS Newsletter 35 Autumn 2004



Diplomats from around the world are currently discussing final revisions to the UN Draft Declaration for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, to be presented at the forthcoming meeting of the General Assembly. It remains doubtful whether agreement will be achieved on outstanding issues – from definitions of key concepts like ‘indigenous people’ to the granting of particular rights ...


Contents #35

1 & 4 What is the use of area studies? C.J-H Macdonald
2 Eurasian research and education: a two-way flow Director's note
3 Letters to the editor


Indigenous peoples’ movements

6 Indigenous peoples and rights to resources in Asia Gerard A. Persoon
7 Indigenous peoples at the global level Barbara Slee
8 Beyond Integration: indigenous assertion in India Bengt G. Karlsson
9 Indigenous rights and resource management in Philippine protected areas Padmapani Perez and Tessa Minter
10 The Orang Asli of Malaysia Alberto G. Gomes
11 Indonesia: reformulating indigenous identity Gerard A. Persoon
12 Minority rights and national development in the People's Republic of China Xu Yuan


Research & Reports

13 Male Homosexuality in the Philippines: a short history J. Neil C. Garcia
14 Dravidian Studies in the Netherlands: Part 1 - Pioneers of Orientalism at the VOC (1605-1690s) Luba Zubkova
15 Digital and other divides in a developing country Edilberto C. de Jesus
16 Local Pilgrimage in Java and Madura: why is it booming? George Quinn
17 From Zâbaj to Jâwa Michael Laffan
18 Tsedenbal's Mongolia and Communist Aid Donors: a reappraisal Balázs Szalontai
19 The Translation of Russian Literature in Republican China Mark Gamsa
20 Chinese Overseas studies coming of age Mette Thunø
20 Theory and method in Indian intellectual history Saraju Rath
21 India-China Comparisons: state and society Peter van der Veer
21 Avoiding Harm: medical decision making and East Asian values Margaret Sleeboom



22 Cartographies of Fragmentation Duncan Campbell
23 Perform : State : Interrogate Matthew Isaac Cohen
24 The Fight Against Illicit Traffic in Cultural Property: the importance of case
Lyndel V. Prott
25 35th Poetry International Festival
26-27 Arts Agenda Carol Brash
28 On the manifest and latent functions of the mistress Yue Tao



29 Extrême-Orient, Extrême-Occident: reflections on twenty years of comparative scholarship Lisa Raphals
30 Androgyny in late Ming and early Qing literature Roland Altenburger
31 Earlier Origins, Protracted Journey: local, regional and global pathways to
Vincent K. Pollard
32 Circumambulations in South Asian history Nile Green
32-33 Traditional Malay literature Dick van der Meij
33 Agency denied Irfan Ahmad
34 Buddhism, Diplomacy and Trade Hasan Karrar
34-35 Encyclopedia of Modern Asia Hendrik E. Niemeijer
35 The melodrama of South Korean modernity Suzana Dudic
36 Social movements in India Manish K. Thakur
37 Books Received


IIAS / ASEF / Alliance

38 The Swedish School of Advanced Asia-Pacific Studies Thommy Svensson
39 The Public Sector in Urban Housing and Regeneration: converging and
diverging experiences in Asia and Europe
Anne Power, Bingqin Li and
Hyun-bang Shin
40 IIAS Fellows
41 IIAS Research Programmes



42-43 Projects & events
44-45 Call for Papers
46-47 International Conference Agenda
48 Colophon