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IIAS Newsletter 34 Summer 2004



Asia accounts for more than half of the world’s population. China is the only Asian nation with a permanent seat on the Security Council. Japan, a member of the G8 and a major contributor to the UN, the IMF and the World Bank, is completely under-represented in their leadership. Asian nations are virtually excluded from the ranks of those thought to underwrite global order and stability. The setting of ‘global standards’ seems to be the preserve of non-Asian powers.


Contents #34

1 & 6,7 The Tyranny of Taste and Cultural Citizenship / Wang Yiyan
2 Friends of ICAS Unite! Director's note
3 Letters to the editor
3 Theme Editorial / Kurt Radtke & Koen de Ceuster



4-5 I Write with my Body / Yue Tao
4-5 Collapse of the Global Conversation / Subroto Roy


East Asian geopolitics revisited

8 The Japan that can Say Yes / Togo Kazuhiko
9 South Korea Speaks for Itself / Koen de Ceuster
10 State Patriotism Versus Popular Nationalism in the People's Republic of China / Phil Deans
11 Taiwan's Democratic Movement and the Push for Independence / Chang Mau Kuei


Research & Reports

12 Japan's Javanese Connection / Ann Kumar
13 The Dutch East India Company in Burma, 1634-1680 / Wil O. Dijk
14 Opium and the Good Fathers / Harry Knipschild
15 Assessing Khazaria / Paul Meerts
16 Legal Systems and Political Regimes in Post-socialist Central Asia / Irina Morozova
17 Legal Reform in Central Asia: A Tale of Two Associations / Delaine Swenson
18 Customary Law under Socialism: the Uyghur in Xinjiang / Ildiko Bellér-Hann
19 Local Associations and Social Services in the Rural Philippines 1565-1964 /
Greg Bankoff
20 Life Histories, Identity and Crises of Authority in Southeast Asia / Karl A. Hack
21 Indonesia 1939-1942: Prelude to Japanese Occupation / Sato Shigeru
22 Nurcholish Madjid and Paramadina / Andi Faisal Bakti
23 Elections and Rural Politics in Indonesia: the Governor General of Banten Province / Okamoto Masaaki
24 Historical Consciousness and the Future of Modern China and Japan: Conservatism, Revisionism and National Identity / Axel Schneider
25 Tibetan Treasures in Leiden / Kalsang Norbu Gurung and Tharphen Lingtsang
26 Plants and Psychoactive Substances in Health and Culture / Jan Houben
27 Maritime Asian History / Fujita Kayoko and Yamauchi Shinji



28 Books Received
29 Babel or Behemoth: Language Trends in Asia / Manfred A. Sellner
29 Chinram: The Evolution of a Nation / Donald M. Seekins
30 The History of Tibet / Vladimir Uspensky
31 The Bogle Mission: Travels through Bhutan and Tibet 1774-1777 / James Cooper
32 Shamans in Asia / Amit Ranjan Basu
33 China's Minorities on the Move / Elena Barabantseva
33 Truth, History and Politics in Mongolia / Irina Morozova
34 A Difficult Friendship: Letters of Edward Thompson and Rabindranath Tagore 1913-1940 / Victor A. Bijlert



35 Far and Away: Three Authors from Yunnan / Zhang Xiaohong
35 How Has a Butterfly Become a Sample: Conversations with Hai Nan / Zhang Xiaohong
36-37 Arts Agenda / Carol Brash


IIAS /ASEF / Alliance

38 Interweaving Medical Traditions: Europe and Asia, 1600-2000 / Sanjoy Bhattacharya
39 Asia-Europe Workshop Series 2004/2005
40 IIAS Fellows
41 IIAS Research Programmes



42-43 Projects & events
43-44 Conferences and Workshops
45 Call for Papers
46-47 International Conference Agenda / Michele D'Agata
48 Colophon