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IIAS Newsletter 33 Spring 2004



China’s first email, according to legend, was sent by professor QIAN Tianbai and was entitled ‘Crossing the Great Wall to join the world’. Since that first email was sent on 20 September 1987, China has been using the internet to join the world in remarkable ways, making the Great Wall not just crossable, but rather meaningless.


Contents #33

2 Editorial / Maurice Sistermans
1, 4-5 An Indian Writer in Troubled Times / Thomas de Bruijn
3 Brains for Hire: Education and Nation-building in Contemporary Azerbaijian / Irina Morozova


Internet in China

6 The Internet in China: A Symposium / Randolph Kluver
7 Mingling Politics with Play: The Virtual Chinese Public Sphere / Guobin YANG
8 The Taste of Information: State Attempts to Control the Internet / Lokman TSUI
9 Handing over China's Internet to the Corporations / Ian Weber & LU Jia
10 Internet and the Fragmented Political Community / Jens Damm


Research & Reports

11 Everything is not Lost: The Digital Archive for Chinese Studies (DACHS) / Jennifer Gross & Hanno Lecher
12 Mongolia: Who Bridges the Digital Divide? / Margreet van Doodewaard
13 A New Approach to the Study of Islamic Activism / Quintan Wiktorowicz
14 The Introduction of Biomedicine into the Indo-Tibetan Himalayas / Alex McKay
15 The Power of the Stars: Astrology and Divination in the Traditional Indian Society / Audrius Beinorius
16 Sexual Discrimination in South India / Stephanie Vella
17 The Atoms of Meaning / Cliff Goddard
18-19 Poet of Word and Presence: An Interview with Ashok Vajpeyi / Renata Czekalska
20 Changing Definitions of Ethnic Boundaries on Mauritius / Tijo Salverda
21 Le Malaise Créole / Rosabelle Boswell
22 Beating Time: Concepts of Rhythm in the Natyasastra / Narinder Mohkamsing
23 Hinduism, Values and Management / Victor van Bijlert
24 Local Protectionism: The Bottleneck of China's Economic Development / HOU Yu
25 Countering Purism: The Revitalization of Moluccan Languages / Margaret Florey
26 Malaysia and Islamic Modernity / Sigrid Noekel & Georg Stauth
27 Cautious Optimism / J.Thomas Lindblad
27 Religious Networks Between the Middle East and Southeast Asia / Michael Feener
28 For the Love of Tin: The VOC in Ligor / Supaporn Ariyasajsiskul
28-29 Southeast Asian 'Living Theatre' / Mathew Cohen
30 Myth and the Disciplines / Thera Giezen



31 The Emergence of a National Economy / William G. Clarence-Smith
32 Recalling Malya's Communist Menace: Fact and Fiction on Chin Peng / Andrew Symon
33 Min Yong-hwan: A Political Biography / Koen De Ceuster
34 From Negritude to Coolitude / Clare Anderson
34 Speaking Peace: Women's Voices from Kashmir / Biswamoy Pati
35 Tribal Communities in the Malay World / Vincent Houben
36 Appetites: Food and Sex in Post-Socialist China / Evelyne Micollier
36-37 Chinese Media, Global Contexts / Lokman TSUI
37 An Anthology of Mongolian Literature / Maya-Matthea van Staden
38 Books Received


Asian Arts & Cultures

39 Art for the Masses: Revolutionary Art of the Mao Zedong Era 1950-1976 / Alison Hardie
40-41 Asian Art Agenda
42 Sex Workers in Asia / Namiko KUNIMOTO



43 The Chester Beatty Library: Asia in Ireland / Michael Ryan
44-45 Voices from Tundra and Taiga: Vitality and Education / Cecilia Odé (more about this project on Cecilia Odé's website)
46 IIAS Fellows
47 IIAS Research Programmes & New Initiatives
48 SOAS: A Brief History and Profile / Colin Bundy
49 Social Sciences and AIDS in Southeast Asia: The Challenge of Antiretroviral Treatments / Sophie Le Coeur & Maurice Eisenbruch
50 Land as the Key to Urban Development: Housing in Indonesia Cities, 1930-1960 / Freek Colombijn
50 Indonesia across Orders / Els Bogaerts
51 Response from NIOD / Hans Blom
51 The Pitfalls of Independant Historical Research / Herman Bussemakers
52 EU-Vietnam Cooperation in Social Sciences and the Humanities / NGUYEN Duy Quy
52 Sino-European Institute in Beijing / Wim Stokhof & Paul van der Velde



53 Islam and Asia / Rochelle Almazanor-McArthur
53 WOTRO Postdoc Project / Renee van Kessel-Hagestijn
53 First International Conference on Lao Studies (ICLS) / John Hartmann & Catherine Raymond
53 EUROSEAS 4 / Guy Faure, Manon Osseweijer, Oscar Salemink & Tomas Sikor
53 Connecting Civil Society of Asia and Europe / Bertrand Fort
54-55 International Conference Agenda
56 Colophon