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IIAS Newsletter 32 Autumn 2003



Four of the ten fastest-growing elderly populations worldwide can be found in Southeast Asia, and Indonesia has perhaps the most striking profile of them all. As the strengths and weaknesses of current provisions for the elderly are the best guide to the future, a sound knowledge of existing arrangements and their limitations is a necessary baseline for any examination of the issue. Is current support adequate? What gaps are there? How may a good level of support be defined? What capacity is there in current family and community arrangements to encompass a three or fourfold increase in the elderly? What role can local and international organizations most effectively play? These and other searching questions need to be asked, and the need to delve into the workings of local support networks means that answers will depend on data that economic and social surveys alone cannot provide.


Editorial Page

2 Editorial / Maurice Sistermans
2 Director's Note of Appreciation / Wim Stokhof


General News

1 A Journey of Research in Asia: Crossing between Old and New Nations / Prasenjit Duara (p.1&3)
4 Whither North Korea? / Koen De Ceuster


Theme - Imagining Asian Studies

6 The Future of Asian Studies / Frits Staal (p. 6-7)
8 The Poverty of Regionalism: Limits in the Study of Southeast Asia /
Robert Cribb
9 Writing Indian History from an Asian Perspective / Om Prakash
10 Where From, Who For? Modern Korean Historical Studies / Ken Wells
11 Comprehensive Vietnamese Village Studies: From Ten Years of Research
in a Small Village


Theme - Elderly Care in Indonesia

12 Understanding Elderly Vulnerability in Indonesia / Philip Kreager
13 Patterns of Kin and Community Support: ‘Oh, it's nothing, I've just cooked too much' / Elisabeth Schröder-Butterfill
14 Pensions for Widows in Indonesia: 'You can bite it, but it's tough!' /
Ruly Marianti
15 Growing Old in the City / Peter van Eeuwijk


Research & Reports

16 A Post-Colonial Poet with a Quest for Identity: Interview with Malaysian Literary Laureate, Muhammad Haji Salleh / Mohammad Salleh Yaapar (p.16-17)
18 India: Caste Stronger than Religion? / Christophe Jaffrelot
19 Cultures of Confinement / Frank Dikötter
20 The Swami and the Sister / Narasingha Sil
21 The Invention of India in Vikram Seth's A Suitable Boy / Neelam Srivastava
22 Islamic Youth Movements in Indonesia / Ken Miichi
22 Young Japanese Researchers on Southeast Asia Series / Rogier
23 Liberalism, Communism, Islam: Transnational Motors of 'Nationalist' Struggles in Southeast / John Sidel
24 Time, Space, and Music in the Kathmandu Valley / Richard Widdess
25 Notes on the Opaque Seduction of (Canto)pop: Sonic Imaginations /
Jeroen de Kloet
26 Bali's Last Resort: Writing Ethnography of Balinese Adat / Kiyoshi NAKAMURA
27 The Making of a Myth: The Amazing Life and Death of the Sixth Dalai
/ Simon Wickham-Smith
28 In Service of Growth: Legal Regimes, FDI, and Taiwan's Economic Development / HO Ming-Yu
29 New Perspectives in Word-Prosodic Typology / Bert Remijsen



30 Books Received
31 Politics By Other Means: The Production of Hindu-Muslim Violence
in Contemporary India
/ Thomas Blom Hansen
32 Japan and Okinawa: Structure and Subjectivity / Stanislaw Meyer
32 Dodonæus in Japan / Guita Winkel
33 The Burdens of Economic Growth / Benno Galjart
33 Dragons, Tigers, and Dogs in Late Imperial China / Kenneth Hammond
34 Reading East Asian Writing: The Limits of Literary Theory / Julia Lovell
34 The Buddha's Moon Reflected on a Thousand Rivers / Allard Olof
35 The Ca Mau Shipwreck, 1723-1735 / John Kleinen
36 A New Focus on the Caspian Region: Turning the Periphery into the Centre / Frédéric Grare
36 Khams pa Histories: Visions of People, Place and Authority / Audrey Prost
37 Fertility and Familial Power Relations: Procreation in South India / Nita Mathur
37 The House in Southeast Asia / Catherine Allerton
38 The Anatomy of Betrayal / S. Eben Kirksey
38 Malaysia, the Making of a Nation / Marie-Aimée Tourres
39 The Chinese Minority in Southern Vietnam / Volker Grabowsky


Asian Art & Cultures

40 Examining the Urban Body in South Asia / Peter Nagy (p. 40-41)
42 Asian Ceramics in the Netherlands / Jan van Campen
43 Asian Art Agenda / Carol Brash (p. 43-44)



45 Maritime Piracy in Asia / Derrek Johnson & Erika Pladet
45 Local Land Use Strategies in a Globalizing World: Shaping Sustainable
Social and Natural Environments
/ Reed L. Wadley, Ole Mertz, Andreas
Egelund Christensen
46 India's Ship-Scrapping Industry: Monument to the Abuse of Human Labour and the Environment / Rupa Abdi
47 The Return to the Laggai / Myrna Eindhoven
48 IIAS Research Fellows
49 Dealing with Socio-Genetic Marginalization in Asia / Margaret Sleeboom
49 Rethinking Geopolitics in Central Eurasia / Mehdi Parvizi Amineh
50 Alliance Partners
50 SOAS in the European Alliance
50 Transnational Exchanges: Business Relations and Identity Formation
Emanating from Asia
/ Heidi Dahles (p.50-51)
51 Asia and South Africa: A Missing Link of Nearly Seven Million Words / Helena Liebenberg
51 Asia's Past Secured / Henk Niemeijer
52 Indonesia across Order / Els Bogaerts
52 The Predicament of Commissioned Research / Hans Blom



53 The Impacts of Space Technology in Southeast Asia / David Soo
53 Orality and Improvisation in East Asian Music: Ninth International
CHIME Meeting
53 The Life and Work of the Sixth Dalai Lama / Simon Wickham-Smith &
Per Sörensen
53 Lies, Conspiracy and Propaganda / Robert Cribb
54 International Conference Agenda (p. 54-55)
55 ICOPHIL 2004
56 Colophon