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IIAS Newsletter 31 Summer 2003



Picture a grid connecting existing urban centres, avoiding the areas that are considered uninhabitable due to altitude, lack of water, extreme climatic conditions, and some other factors. In his effort to map the future of the city and urbanization, the famous Greek urbanist C.A. Doxiadis, who published the journal Ekistics, projected this world city and called it Ecumenopolis (Doxiadis 1972). Then and now many feel horrified by the thought of a completely integrated settlement structure covering the earth’s crust with tentacles on all continents. This article introduces this issue’s theme ‘Mega-Urbanization in Asia’.


Editorial Page

Editorial / Maurice Sistermans

Growing Together: The Academic Invigoration of the Asia Europe Business Forum / Jan Annerstedt


General News

From the Year of the White Horse to the Year of the Black Horse: Mongolia After Twelve Years of Transition / Sanjaasuren Oyun (p. 1&3)

Hating Americans: Jemaah Islamiyah and the Bali Bombings / Greg Fealy (p. 3-4)


Theme: Mega-Urbanization in Asia

Ecumenopolis in Asia / Peter Nas

The Declining Capital / Shuji Funo

The Sky is the Limit: The Economic Globalization of Beijing / Huang Shizheng

From Muslim Street to Brilliant Plaza: Constructions of Urban Space in Kunming / Leeke Reinders

Zhujiang Electronic Road, Nanjing, China / Meine Pieter van Dijk (p. 8-9)

The Government Plans, the People Act / Harald Leisch

10 Chicks and Chicken: Singapore's Expansion to Riau / Freek Colombijn

11 Vulnerability and Flooding in Metro Manila / Greg Bankoff

12 Greater Surabaya: The Formation of a Planning Region / Johan Silas

12 Markets and Malls in Jakarta / Pratiwo

13 Phnom Penh: Beautification and Corruption / Caroline Hughes

14 Migrants, Squatters, and Evictions / Hans Schenk

15 Tehran: Paradox City / Soheila Shahshahani


Research & Reports

16 Humour in Indonesian Politics: A Case Study of the Political Marketing of Gus Dur / Arndt Graf

17 Young Japanese Researchers on Southeast Asia Series / Rogier Busser

17 Islamization of the Sama Dilaut in Sabah, Malaysia / Nagatsu Kazufumi

18 Elite Music and Nationalism in South and Southeast Asia: How Music Becomes Classical? / Pamela Moro

19 Shifting Identities in Kali Salwaar / Thomas Voorter & Marijke de Vos

20 Modernization, Medicine, and Power in Nineteenth-Century Iran / Hormuz Ebrahimnejad

21 Indian Medical Thought on the Eve of Colonialism / Dominik Wujastyk

22 Adam Stainton's Cultural Observations: A Plant Hunter in the Himalayas / Mark Turin

23 Digital Himalaya / Sara Shneiderman

24 Revolutionary Mongols, Lamas and Buddhism (1921-1941) / Irina Morozova

25 Preserving Tibetan Cultural Heritage / Pim Willems

25 The Gift of a Daughter / Shauna Singh Baldwin

25 Tibetological Collections & Archives Series / Henk Blezer

26 Utopian Identities, Real Selves / Tony Day

26 Anthropological Futures / Patricia Spyer (p. 26-27)

27 Gay Literature from China: In Search of a Happy Ending / Remy Cristini

28 Human Cargo / Melvin Soudijn

28 The Research Network for the Study of Chinese Communities in the Netherlands / Leo Douw

28 Malay Contacts with Sri Lanka / Shihan de Silva Jayasuriya (p. 28-29)

29 The Illicit Trade in Chinese Antiquities / Melvin Soudijn & Edgar Tijhuis

30 The VOC Trade in Taiwan / Lin Weisheng

31 Budi as the Malay Mind / Lim Kim-Hui

32 Sex and Chanel: Young Female Writers in China / Zhang Xiaohong



33 Surabaya, City of Work / Jan Wuisman

34 Situating Social History Orissa / Namrata Ganneri

34 Literary Cultures in History / Jan Houben (p. 34-35)

35 Kamikaze, Cherry Blossom, and Nationalism / Margaret Sleeboom

36 Making Merit, Making Art: A Thai Temple in Wimbledon / Nandana Chutiwongs

37 Rule of Law in East and Southeast Asia? / Willem Visser ‘t Hooft

37 Madrigals, Mandarins, and Budgetary Politics / Richard Boyd

38 Is Tibet (really) Chinese? / Antonio Terrone

39 Im Kwon-Taek: The Making of a Korean National Cinema / Roald Maliangkay

40 The Haunting Fetus: Abortion, Sexuality, and the Spirit World in Taiwan / Evelyne Micollier

40 Memories of the Future / Ann Heylen

41 Books Received


Asian Arts & Cultures

42 Articulating the Modern: Neo-Tantrism and the Art of P.T. Reddy / Rebecca Brown

43 How Do Latitudes Become Forms? / Alisa Eimen

43 Lessons from Looting: The Place of Museums in Iraq / Yasser Tabbaa (p.43-44)

44 Kazari / Anna Beerens

45 Asian Art Agenda (p. 45-46)



47 The Expression of Tense in Chinese Languages / Rint Sybesma

47 The Egyptian Islamist Experience in Asia / Roel Meijer

48 IIAS Research Fellows

56 IIAS Staff

49 Centro de Estudios de Asia Oriental, Spain / Taciana Fisac

49 Alliance Partners

49 European Alliance for Asian Studies

49 Alliance Asia-Europe Workshop Series 2003/2004

50 ‘Peranakan Legacy' at the Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore / Heidi Tan

51 Civil Society, Religious Affiliation and Political Participation in East Asia / Juliëtte Van Wassenhove

51 Public Health Care Strategies and Socio-Genetic Marginalization / Margaret Sleeboom

51 IIAS Panels at ICAS3

52 ‘Indonesia across Orders: The reorganization of Indonesian society' / Els Bogaerts

52 ‘Indisch' Identity and Decolonization / Robert Cribb



53 Dutch and Japanese Encounters since the Pacific War / Peter Post

53 Sanskrit Manuscripts in Tibet – 11th Gonda Lecture by Ernst SteinkellnerSuzanne Wagenaar

53 Food and Foodways / Viki Li

53 Psychoactive Substances in Ritual and Religion / Jan Houben

53 Back to the Future / Johan Stapel

54 International Conference Agenda (p.54-55)

55 ICOPHIL 2004



IIAS Information

16 New IIAS Publications

22 Advertising in the IIAS Newsletter

56 Index IIAS Newsletter #31 - colophon