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IIAS Newsletter 28 Summer 2002


Since the early twentieth century, sports have continued to play significant roles in the formation processes of nations and nation states. Few modern states have abstained from the educative and disciplinary opportunities embedded in the curricula of physical education and sports. Furthermore, states and their representatives have become increasingly aware of the symbolic value and practical benefits of international sporting events ...

Editorial Page

Director’s Note / Wim Stokhof (p. 2-3)

Editorial / Maurice Sistermans

General News

The War against Terrorism in Indonesia / Freek Colombijn (p.1, 3- 4)

Taipei and/or Beijing? The Vatican’s Dilemma / Raymond R.M. Tai (p.4- 5)

Theme: Sports in Asia

Sports in Asia and Sports Studies in Asian Studies / Wolfram Manzenreiter

Sport, History and Asian Societies / James Mills

Sports in Korea / Ahn Min-Seok

Sports and Politics in Taiwan: Baseball and National Identity / Chien-Yu Lin

Japan, Korea and the 2002 World Cup / John Horne

Chinese Sports History Studies / Fan Hong

Contested Landscapes of Marine Sports / Carolin Funck (p.9- 10)

10 Failure in Sport / William W. Kelly

11 The Rise of Women’s Sport / Eunha Koh

12 Globalizing Indian Football / Paul Dimeo

12 Urban Tourist: An Interview with the Guest Editor, Wolfram Manzenreiter / Guita Winkel


Research & Reports

14 Styles of Lute Playing / Emmie te Nijenhuis

15 François Balthazar Solvyns: A Flemish Artist in Bengal, 1791-1803 / Robert Hardgrave

16 Developments and Movements of New Indonesian Film / Katinka van Heeren

17 Cataloguing Canonical Texts of the Tibetan Bon Religion / Samten Karmay

17 Introduction: The Bonpo Canon / Henk Blezer

17 Tibetological Collections & Archives Series / Henk Blezer

18 The Bonpo Katen Cataloguing Project / Samten Karmay

18 Ferdinand Hamer: Martyr in China / Harry Knipschild (p.18- 19)

19 Southeast Asia in the Eyes of the Egyptians / Mona Abaza (p.19- 20)

20 Engaging Burma/Myanmar / David Mathieson (p.20- 21)

21 Young Japanese Researchers on Southeast Asia – Series / Rogier Busser

21 Decentralization in Thailand / Fumio Nagai

22 Travels in the Past: Photos Alphons Hustinx / Louis Zweers

23 When Executives Chant Dhikr / Noorhaidi Hasan & Ahmad Syaf ’I Mufid

24 Review on the Development of Eurasian Relations / Yu Jianhua

25 The Dutch Connection / Christèle Dedebant

26 Xun Zi in the Intellectual Context of Early China / Masayuki Sato

26 Sri Lanka in the 21st Century: Legacies & Challenges / Karori Singh (p.26- 27)

27 A Unique University in Northeast India: NEHU and its Possibilities / Jan Brouwer & T.B. Subba



28 Religious Revivalism as Nationalist Discourse / Victor van Bijlert

28 Social Mobility in Kerala / Janaki Abraham

29 Learn Nepali: Talk Later / Mark Turin

29 Editorial / Touraj Atabaki

29 Life After the Soviet Union / Touraj Atabaki

30 What is so Modern about this Southeast Asia History? / Michael Laffan

30 Station to Station / Freek Colombijn

31 Chinese Business Networks / Prema Rajogopalan

31 Red Guards in Mid-Life Crisis / Irmy Schweiger

32 Four New Looks at Japan / Jan van Bremen (p.32- 33)

33 Yen Bloc: Toward Economic Integration / Marie-Aimee Tourres

34 The Victim as Hero / Margaret Sleeboom

34 The Online Burma - Myanmar Library / David Arnott

35 Books Received


Asian Art & Cultures

36 Filmed Representations of South Asians / Monica Ghosh

37 (Re)Claiming Space / Talinn Gregor

38 Delving into Shangri La / Sharon Littlefield

38 ASEMUS sidebar

39 ASEMUS Conference ‘Marketplace of Museums’ / Ken Vos

40 Let’s Pause & Talk, Let’s Pause & Drink / Youngna Kim

40 Asian Arts Online / Thomas Berghuis

41 Arts Agenda / GATE Foundation (p.41- 42)



43 IIAS Staff
IIAS Research Programmes
IIAS Agenda

44 IIAS Research Fellows

45 Genomics in Asia / Margaret Sleeboom
Media & Public Debate / Shoma Munshi

46 IIAS Publications
INIS Publication
How Languages Express Time Differently
/ Kuang Mei

47 Oral History Workshop / Ratna Saptari
CLARA Publications

48 Europe and Asia – one year after 11 September / Roberta Zavoretti
Alliance Short Update / Marieke te Booij & Josine Stremmelaar
Asia-Europe Workshop Series Update / Marieke te Booij & Josine Stremmelaar
Alliance Partners sidebar

49 International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS) / Josine Stremmelaar
ICAS 3 Call for Proposals
European Associations for Asian Studies
Travel Grant Recipients
ASEF 5-Year Anniversary
/ Jessica Yom

50 ASEM in an Evolving Post-9/11 World Order / Sebastian Bersick
International Security and the Asian Heartland / Paul Meerts
School of Foreign Service / Kh J Bayasakh
The Caucasus and Central Asia Program / Sanjyot Mehendale

51TANAP - New Scholarships for History Students in Asia / Henk Niemeijer
TANAP Diary / Tuan Hoang Ahn en Sri Margana
Second TANAP Workshop / Henk Niemeijer
Insects and Power Cuts / Pieter Koenders
New TANAP PhD Research / Henk Niemeijer



52 2003 Biennial AKSE Conference / Antonetta Bruno
Hani-Ahka Culture Conference / Li Qibo
Cultures of Masculinity in South Asia / Radhika Chopra & Sanjay Srivastava
Environmental History of Asia / Deepak Kumar & Richard Grove
Globalizing Media and Local Society in Indonesia / Makoto Koike

53 Fatwas and the Dissemination of Religious Authority in Indonesia / Michael Laffan
Centring the Margin / Reed Wadley
Stability of Rainforest Margins in Southeast Asia / Robert Weber

54 International Conference Agenda (p.54- 55)



IIAS Information

21 Burma/Myanmar teaser / Gustaaf Houtman

52 IIAS ICOPHIL Conference