The Newsletter 56 Spring 2011

The Sussex Library of Asian Studies

Mina Roces

THE SUSSEX LIBRARY OF ASIAN STUDIES, launched in 2007, is dedicated to the publication of scholarly work under the rubric of Asian studies – focusing on Economics, Education, Religion, History, Politics and Gender. The series gives precedence to emerging topics that demand attention in the Asian context, and it is anticipated that submissions will include interdisciplinary and transnational approaches. The Asian series is part of the Sussex Libraries of Study, which include a wide variety of topics. Library of Study books support the publishing endeavours of young scholars as well as established authors. The Sussex Academic Press has an enviable record in providing assistance to scholars in the transition from thesis to book and has a deserved reputation for high editorial and production standards. All editorial, production and design takes place in-house, which allows close supervision of books as they progress through the Press to publication.