The Newsletter 53 Spring 2010

The Russian Protocols of Zion in Japan

Ben-Ami Shillony

Kovalio, Jacob. 2009. The Russian Protocols of Zion in Japan. Yudayaka/Jewish Peril Propaganda and Debates in the 1920s. New York: Peter Lang. xviii+114 pages. ISBN 978  1 4331 0609 5

The 1920s were a crucial period in modern Japanese history, when new and revolutionary western ideologies, like communism and fascism, entered Japan and found adherents there. Anti-Semitism was one of those western ideologies to arrive at that time. It offered a simplistic explanation of the perplexing turmoil of the world. It appealed to conservatives alarmed about communist subversion and to those attracted by conspiracy theories. Few publications have dealt with the strange phenomenon of Japanese anti-Semitism, and Ben-Ami Shillony believes this thin volume is an important addition to that literature.

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