The Newsletter 67 Spring 2014

Ramâwan: 2013

William NoseworthyQuang Van Son

Ramâwan commonly describes the important yearly ceremonies for the Cham-Bani community of Vietnam (also known as the ‘Awal’) that occur during the ninth month of the Cham-Bani calendar (sakawi Awal). There is also a reputably small Cham-Bani community in Cambodia, predominantly known in the press and academic circles as the Kaum Imam San (kaum: from Malay for ‘group’, of Imam San’s lineage). However, there are clear differences between this Bani community in Cambodia and the Awal of Vietnam, which will be the focus of future studies. In this essay the authors focus on the Awal of Vietnam as they represent an important example of localization of Islamic influence in contemporary Vietnam.