The Newsletter 55 Winter 2010

Race and multiculturalism in Malaysia and Singapore

Holger Warnk

Daniel P. S. Goh, Matilda Gabrielpillai, Philip Holden and Gaik Cheng Khoo (eds). 2009. Race and multiculturalism in Malaysia and Singapore. London: Routledge, xiii + 240 pp. ISBN 978 0 415 48225 7 (hardback)

Multiculturalism and ethnicity have become rather fashionable as research topics in Asian Studies. Several monographs and conference volumes have been published in recent years, especially concerning the situation in Malaysia and Singapore. This welledited book by Goh et al. is a welcome addition to the existing literature in this field. The various contributions add further information to a topic which is highly sensitive and of great importance for the modern nation-states Malaysia and Singapore.

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