The Newsletter 71 Summer 2015

Quo Vadis China?

Emilian Kavalski

<p><strong>Reviewed publication:</strong><br>Shao Binhong. 2013.<em> China and the World: Balance, Imbalance, Rebalance</em>, Leiden/Boston: Brill, Series: ‘China in the World: A Survey of Chinese Perspectives on International Politics and Economics’, Volume 1, ISBN 9780739178508</p><p>The discussion of China’s growing prominence in international life attracts&nbsp;increasing attention from publics, policy-makers, and scholars alike. Usually&nbsp;sidelined by the mainstream, such interest in China’s roles and attitudes on the&nbsp;world stage has grown exponentially in the context of the deepening concomitant&nbsp;economic, social, political crises across Europe and North America – which, until&nbsp;very recently, have been considered the traditional locales of powers and influence&nbsp;in world politics. Indicative of the emergent weight and significance of non-Western&nbsp;actors on the global stage, the trend set by China seems to challenge the conventional&nbsp;frameworks of both the study and practice of International Relations (IR).</p>