The Newsletter 54 Summer 2010

In our third age

Niels Mulder

In our third age, whether we like it or not, the past catches up with us and demands that we face it. It is a time in which memories that lay dormant for 50, 60 years unexpectedly leap to life; that skeletons spring from their closet and we have to deal with indecisions that cast their shadow over our lives. Gracefully, if we have faced up to our frustrations, grudges have dissipated and the past may, accordingly, become a storytelling friend; a pleasant companion – as is apparent from Nicholas Tarling’s History Boy: a memoir.

Tarling, Nicholas. 2009. History Boy; a memoir. Auckland: Nicholas Tarling, through Dunmore Publishing Ltd., Wellington. 277 pages. ISBN 978 1 877399 45 9

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