The Newsletter 63 Spring 2013

Not only dragons and lotus blossoms

Brigitte Borell

Reviewed publication:
John A. Stevenson and Donald A. Wood, with Philippe Truong. 2012. Dragons and Lotus Blossoms. Vietnamese Ceramics from the Birmingham Museum of Art. Seattle: University of Washington Press; Birmingham, Alabama: Birmingham Museum of Art, 264 pp., ISBN: 9780295991627 (paperback).

This catalogue presents the impressive collection of Vietnamese ceramics in the Museum of Art in Birmingham, Alabama, published in conjunction with their exhibition, which opened in January 2012. The museum had started collecting Vietnamese ceramics less than forty years ago. Along with a steady stream of gifts and purchases – among them, also some from the Hoi An shipwreck – the museum was fortunate to receive as a major addition an important private collection in 2005 and 2007.

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