The Newsletter 93 Autumn 2022

News from Southeast Asia

Su-Ann Oh

Mapping Connections through Archaeology and Art History in Second-Millennium Southeast Asia

What do archaeology and art history tell us about Southeast Asia in the second millennium? This broad question was tackled by a webinar series convened by Hélène Njoto (École Française d'Extrême Orient) and Noel Hidalgo Tan (Southeast Asian Regional Centre for Archaeology and Fine Arts, Bangkok) and hosted by Temasek History Research Centre at the ISEAS ­– Yusof Ishak Institute, Singapore.

One of the overarching themes was connections in their varied forms among the polities in the region. Noel Hidalgo Tan highlights these connections – material, architectural, infrastructural, political – in his overview of the webinar series in the first article of this section.

The rest of the contributions are from three speakers in the series. Imran bin Tajudeen and Chotima Chaturawong provide fascinating descriptions of religious architecture in Southeast Asia – mosque and temple, respectively. They highlight translocal transmission and creativity, and their articles provide insights into continuity and change in religious architectural forms.

Nasha Rodziadi Khaw provides a broader view of one geographical region – namely, the Sultanate of Malacca – and its varied and variegated relationships with polities near and far

Together, these articles provide us with a compelling glimpse into a time long past but whose legacies remain in its art, architecture, and material life.


Su-Ann Oh is the regional editor for the News from Southeast Asia section of The Newsletter and Visiting Fellow at ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute. Email:


Southeast Asia in the Second Millennium CE through Archaeology and Art History
Noel Hidalgo Tan
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Introduction to Southeast Asian Forms of Mosque Architecture
Imran Bin Tajudeen
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Indigenization of Southeast Asian Buddhist Architecture: Case Study of a Burmese Monastery at Wat Upagupta, Chiang Mai
Chotima Chaturawong
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Malacca Sultanate as a Thalassocratic Confederation (1400-1511): Power Structure of the Pacified States
Nasha Rodziadi Khaw
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