The Newsletter 78 Autumn 2017

News from Northeast Asia

Kyuhoon Cho

Since 2009, the Seoul National University Asia Center (SNUAC) has been proposing new contents and perspectives on Asia by integrating regional and thematic research across Asia. SNUAC seeks to be the leading institution for research and scholarly exchanges. SNUAC features three regional centers, the Korean Social Science Data Archive (KOSSDA), and seven thematic research programs. By fostering ‘expansion’ and ‘layering’ between Asian studies and Korean studies, the Center endeavors to shape new frameworks of Asian studies that go beyond a ‘Western-non-Western’ dichotomy. SNUAC will continue to support the pursuit of scholarly excellence in the study of Asia by providing opportunities to conduct international collaboration on an array of topics in Asia research. 

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North Korea in the eyes of the Nordic region and China
Kyuhoon CHO
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A Nordic inspiration for sustainable peace on the Korean peninsula?
Geir Helgesen
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North Korea from a Norwegian perspective
Jan Grevstad
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Perspectives on North Korea and the North Korean nuclear issue in Chinese online media
By LEE Jeong-Hoon
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