The Newsletter 86 Summer 2020

The new IIAS webinars

“Greeting from Jakarta, Greetings from Kansas, Greetings from Finland”. These were just some of the messages that popped up in the chat box during our first webinar by IIAS fellow Joppan George.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdown of the IIAS office forced us to quickly rethink the format of our existing lunch lectures, in which our fellows and other scholars ‘used to’ present their work at our institute in Leiden. The idea to continue our lectures, to stay connected to our network and our fellows, soon evolved into the launching of our new online lecture series. And we are thrilled that the webinars have thus far been received with great enthusiasm by our speakers and participants.

The first lecture by Joppan was soon followed by talks from our IIAS fellows Preeti Chopra, Rocco Cestola and Gul-i-Hina Shahzad; these webinars alternated with those from the IIAS/UKNA Asian Cities Presentation Series, by Marion Sabrié and Creighton Connolly. Browse our Youtube channel, and make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any future episodes:  

The IIAS lunch lectures at our Leiden office were available to only a local audience, but now everyone with an internet connection has the opportunity to join in. All webinars are announced in our online events calendar. Joining is easy; just register and we will send you the login details. You are just an easy click away to learn, meet and exchange.


Webinar: Fading into Death through Pātañjalayoga, 11 June 2020