The Newsletter 67 Spring 2014

Modern library of Indonesia

Niels Mulder

<p>The following books have been published by the Lontar Foundation. All reviews supplied by Niels Mulder.</p><h3>Oblation to status</h3><p>Reviewed publication:<br>Rusmini, O. 2011. <em>Earth Dance</em>. Jakarta: The Lontar Foundation, 162 pages, ISBN 9789798083822</p><h3>Condemned to each other</h3><p>Reviewed publication:<br>Farid, Lily Yulianti. 2010. <em>Family Room</em>, Jakarta: The Lontar Foundation, 149 pages, ISBN 9789798083808</p><h3>New York stories</h3><p>Reviewed publication:<br>Kayam, U. 2012. <em>Fireflies in Manhattan</em>, Jakarta: The Lontar Foundation, 200 pages, ISBN 9789798083846</p><h3>Crazy times</h3><p>Reviewed publication:<br>Marahimin, I. 2011. <em>And the War is Over</em>, Jakarta: The Lontar Foundation, 189 pages, ISBN 9789798083761</p><h3>Life’s course in lyrics</h3><p>Reviewed publication:<br>Djoko Damono, Sapardi. 2012 (rev. ed.). <em>Before Dawn</em>, Jakarta: The Lontar Foundation, 172 pages, ISBN: 9786029144185</p><p>&nbsp;</p>