The Newsletter 96 Autumn 2023

Meet the Team

A very special thanks to all of our worldwide network on our 30th anniversary! We look forward to further collaboration in the future.

1. Philippe Peycam (Director)

2. Martina van den Haak (IIAS Manager/ICAS Secretary)

3. Erica van Bentem (Financial Manager)

4. Adrian Perkasa (Project Manager ICAS 13)

5. Cherelle Jaleesa Karsseboom (Management Assistant and Programme Support Officer)

6. Adèle Greenman (Management Assistant)

7. Aarti Kawlra (Academic Director Humanities Across Borders)

8. Stacey Links (Coordinator Africa-Asia Programme)

9. Elena G. Paskaleva (Coordinator Asian Heritages Cluster)

10. Paul Rabé (Coordinator Asian Cities Cluster)

11. Laura Erber (Coordinator Fellowship Programme)

12. Mary Lynn van Dijk (Publications Officer)

13. Paramita Paul (Chief Editor of The Newsletter)

14. Benjamin Linder (Coordinator Public & Engaged Scholarship)

15. Wai Cheung (Coordinator ICAS & Conferences)

16. Annemarie van Leeuwen (Coordinator Outreach & Lectures)

17. Xiaolan Lin (Project Administrator)

18. Narutai Riangkruar (Assistant Coordinator ICAS & Conferences)

19. Thomas Voorter (Communications Coordinator and Web Manager)

20. Sandra Dehue (IIAS Content Manager and Editor (Web & Print))

21. Joaquin Lapuz (Web Editor Humanities Across Borders)

22. Lemeng Zhang (Intern Social Media and Online Communications)