The Newsletter 50 Spring 2009

A Japanese Bestiary from 1700 to 1950

Elizabeth Horton Sharf

Schaap, Robert, with essays by Willem van Gulik, Henk Herwig, Arendie Herwig-Kempers, Daniel McKee, Andrew Thompson. 2007. A Brush with Animals; Japanese Paintings 1700-1950. Society for Japanese Arts, The Netherlands, in association with Hotei Publishing, Leiden, an imprint of Brill. 206 pages, 275 colour illus., ISBN 978 90702 160 78.

A Brush with Animals; Japanese Paintings 1700-1950, is the companion volume to an exhibition that opened at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam in 2007 as a celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Society for Japanese Arts. The Society is an international organisation with a distinguished history of publishing articles, books and catalogues on a wide array of topics in Japanese art in all media.

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