The Newsletter 97 Spring 2024

The Imprint - Gantala Press

The Imprint highlights the critical work of small publishers around the world. Such presses, often located beyond the Global North, produce some of the most innovative, incisive, locally informed, and high-quality books within and beyond Asian Studies. With countless books getting published each year, many titles do not receive the recognition or circulation they deserve. All too often, the global publishing houses and major university presses – those with resources to invest in promotion – receive an outsized share of attention. Whether works of research, translation, literature, or art, the publishers featured on The Imprint regularly experiment to push against the conventions of academic and popular trade publishing. In this edition, we are pleased to highlight a selection of recent titles from Gantala Press in the Philippines.

Gantala Press

Founded in 2015, Gantala Press is a feminist small press based in Metro Manila, the Philippines. They work with women from peasant, labor, urban poor, indigenous, and migrant communities in producing literary anthologies, cookbooks, comics, and zines. A significant part of the proceeds from the sales of their books supports information and fundraising campaigns on food security and genuine land reform, gender equality and human rights, and national sovereignty.

Lighting the Fire: Stories of the Women’s Health Rights Movement in the Philippines

Florence M. Tadiar (ed.) with Neferti Xina M. Tadiar. 2021. Gantala Press

My Mother is More Than a Comfort Woman 

The Mothers’ Storybook Project Team. Naoko Okimoto (illustrator). 2021. Gantala Press 

COVID-19 Journals: Women Writing Women 

Ma. Diosa Labiste, Pinky Serafica, Diana Mendoza, and Chi Laigo-Vallido (eds.). 2021. Gantala Press. 

Makisawsaw Recipes x Ideas: Community Gardens Edition 

Karla Rey, Carissa Pobre, and Joyce Santos (eds.). 2021. Gantala Press

Panaglagip: The North Remembers – Martial Law Stories of Struggle and Survival 

Joanna K. Cariño and Luchie B. Maranan (eds.). 2023. Gantala Press. 

Necessary Contexts: Essays for Our Times 

Rosario A. Garcellano. 2022. Gantala Press. 



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