The Newsletter 66 Winter 2013

IIAS' outreach activities

Heleen van der Minne

IN OUR CONTEMPORARY SOCIETY science and arts occupy a relatively separated position. Whether it is just or not, IIAS finds it important to bring these worlds together. IIAS has been organising outreach activities for a number of years now, whereby ‘outreach’ should be understood as crossing the borders of ’pure’ scientifi c events; reaching out to a diversity of other cultural domains, such as fi lm, literature, dance and other forms of art. In so doing, IIAS is also reaching out to a wider audience, not only to Asia scientists, but also to others with various interests in Asia. Scientists and non-scientists meet, become acquainted with each other’s worlds, and broaden their Asian horizons and understanding. Reaching out to other cultural domains is part of IIAS’ policy to transcend disciplinary borders. IIAS has the fi rm conviction that science and arts, both creative processes, are overlapping domains, which can and do inspire and lead to fresh approaches in all disciplines.

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