The Newsletter 62 Winter 2012

History, Identity & Collective Memory: In Search of Modern China

Sandra Dehue

“Only when China stops defining itself in terms of how it thinks it is perceived by the West and Japan, will it truly have overcome ‘national humiliation’.” This was one of the many points made and issues raised during the seminar ‘In search of Modern China’ (29-30 June 2012). Nine scholars from different countries and academic backgrounds presented their research papers, shedding light and exchanging ideas on the question of how history, identity and collective memory issues are interpreted, constructed and appropriated in the nation building process of modern China. With this two-day seminar, convener Prof. Jui-sung Yang, concluded his half-year teaching appointment at Leiden University as IIAS visiting professor from National Chengchi University in Taiwan. The event was also attended by a small group of his students and other interested parties, including Sandra Dehue, editor at IIAS.

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