The Newsletter 52 Winter 2009

Is the grass greener on the 'Other' side?

Karma Phuntsho

Crins, Rieki. 2008. Meeting the ‘Other’: Living in the present, gender and sustainability in Bhutan. Delft: Eburon Academic Publishers. 216 pages. ISBN 978 90 5972 261 3

A welcome addition to the handful of anthropological literatures available on Bhutan, Meeting the ‘Other’ recounts Crins’ personal journey into Bhutan, interweaved with the theoretical and conceptual frameworks of some western social scientists. It starts with her encounter with the unknown ‘other’ when she arrives in a remote village to work on an irrigation project and takes the reader through her analysis of Bhutan’s culture and religion, ending with a picture of a romantic ‘other’ and misgivings about the country’s future.

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