The Newsletter 60 Summer 2012

Geopolitical contention and institutional inadequacy in the global energy game

Yifei Li

Reviewed publication:
Mehdi Parvizi Amineh & Yang Guang (eds.). 2010
The Globalization of Energy: China and the European Union (International Comparative Social Studies Vol. 21) Leiden: Brill, 364 pages, ISBN: 9789004181120

If one wants to understand the current condition of energy policies in the world, there used to be only two options. First, the sea of literature on energy policies in individual nations provides abundant information about how each country or regional political entity deals with energy use. Second, several organizations, such as the International Energy Agency (IEA ), regularly publish overview studies of global trends in energy consumption and regulation. These two types of sources offer valuable insights with regard to both national and global trends; but what is lacking is an understanding of how political entities interact with each other in the geopolitical sense when it comes to energy policies.

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