The Newsletter 66 Winter 2013

Evolution of The Newsletter

Rituparna Roy

The IIAS Newsletter, later simply re-named The Newsletter, was created along with the International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS) in 1993 and is an embodiment of the institute’s ideals. This is clear from the inaugural issue of The Newsletter, in which its first managing editor, Paul van der Velde, explained how IIAS “was expected to play a stimulating and integrating role in the fi eld of Asian studies in Europe through organizing international workshops, conferences, a database and by publishing a newsletter.” IIAS was founded to give coherence to a fragmented Asian Studies world and The Newsletter was to be a partner in that endeavour. It took on that role from its very inception by assimilating the already existing South Asia Newsletter, which was in itself a collaborative effort by CASA (Amsterdam) and the Kern Institute (Leiden). The Newsletter was thus from its very initial conception meant to be much more than the dictionary defi nition of a periodical bulletin of institutional news and events.


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