The Newsletter 45 Autumn 2007

Encapsulate everything, grasp nothing: Russian imperialist discourse in Uzbekistan

Nathan Light

<p>MacFadyen, David. 2006. Central Asian Studies Series, vol. 6. London: Routledge. A 162 pages. ISBN 978 04153 4134 9 <em>Russian Culture in Uzbekistan: One Language in the Middle of Nowhere</em>.</p><p>This idiosyncratic book explores Russian language discourses in Uzbekistan. MacFadyen is one of those unusual writers who packs vast conceptual territory into a small text: a 43-page bibliography buttresses a mere 128 pages. But while MacFadyen quotes some of his sources at length, he also has a lot to say himself, and effectively crafts much of his esoteric argument.</p>