The Newsletter 50 Spring 2009

Don't forget to remember me

Dick van der Meij

DVD. 2008. Production: Henk Schulte Nordholt and Fridus Steijlen. Don’t forget to remember me. A day in the life of Indonesia Based on the Audiovisual Archive Recording the Future. Leiden: KITLV Press. ISBN 978 90 6718 337 6

No matter how many books one reads about a country and its inhabitants, or how many photographs one has seen, there is no better way of experiencing a far-off land than by watching a film. Movies, dramas, documentaries, and even tourist propaganda pictures offer a much more deeply felt insight into another people than any amount of print is able to provide. Documentaries usually have a specific aim in mind and are geared to a clearly delineated audience and are therefore edited in such a way that the message comes across as clearly and mono-dimensional as possible. Despite all the audio-visual means we have at our disposal at present, the written word is still the most employed vehicle for the dissemination of thoughts and ideas.

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