The Newsletter 91 Spring 2022

The Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at Tallinn University

The Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at Tallinn University Tallinn University is a young and vibrant higher education institution that builds on the longstanding, solid academic tradition of the Estonian Institute of Humanities, which in 2005 was merged together with Tallinn Pedagogical University and other research institutes to establish this new modern comprehensive academic reality. With its 7000 students, 11% of whom are coming from outside the country every year to study in green “digital Estonia,” the university has a multicultural student population and is a growing centre of knowledge in constant evolution. is part of the School of Humanities and comprises four research units: Japanese Studies, Chinese Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, and Border Studies. We currently offer three B.A. programmes in Japanese Studies, Chinese Studies, and Middle Eastern Studies; and two M.A. programmes in Japanese Studies and Asian Societies and Politics.

Always attuned to the interests of new generations of students, the educational needs of society, and the evolution of the job market, the university has now approved a quinquennial development plan that will allow us to further grow and expand our curricula through three brand new programmes: a B.A. in Korean Studies, an M.A. in Chinese Studies, and an M.A. in Middle Eastern Studies. In what follows, we are pleased to present our first contribution to The Region. Each of the essays introduces one of our four research units, and we look forward to deepening our engagement with IIAS and The Newsletter in future issues. We have a rich calendar of both online and onsite national and international events planned for the years to come. We hope to have the chance to welcome colleagues and friends in Tallinn soon and we would like to extend our warm invitation to join us at the upcoming conference of the Baltic Alliance for Asian Studies (BAAS) that we are hosting on 23-25 September 2022. 1 For more information, please see


Japanese Studies at Tallinn University
By Rein Raud, Maret Nukke, and Alari Allik
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Chinese Studies at Tallinn University
By Lisa Indraccolo, Jekaterina Koort, and Margus Ott
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Middle Eastern Studies at Tallinn University
By Helen Geršman
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Border Studies and the China-Southeast Asia Interface
By Karin Dean, Alessandro Rippa, and John Buchanan
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