The Newsletter 81 Autumn 2018

News from Australia and the Pacific

Ana DragojlovicEdwin JurriënsAndy Fuller

For the regional pages 'News from Australia and the Pacific', articles are compiled by guest editors Ana Dragojlovic, Edwin Jurriëns and Andy Fuller from the Asia Institute in Melbourne ( In the current issue, they highlight the topic of cultural materials conservation in Asia and the Pacific, and acknowledge Nicole Tse and Eliza O'Donnell's invaluable support for this collection of essays.

APTCCARN: Working towards a network of shared material conservation actions
By Nicole Tse
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Lost visual histories. China’s Tang dynasty (618-907) tomb mural paintings
By Tonia Eckfeld
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Materiality, making & meaning. Building material knowledge through conservation in Indonesia
By Eliza O’Donnell
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Why does the conservation of low-fired Caution Bay Lapita pottery matter?
By Holly Jones-Amin
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