The Newsletter 55 Winter 2010

Cultural forms are like snow, crystal clear when hardened, opaque when soft

Jeroen Groenewegen

De Kloet, Jeroen. 2010. China with a Cut: Globalisation, Urban Youth and Popular Music. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press. 255 pages. ISBN 978 90 8964 162 5 (paperback).

The study of popular music in East Asia has gradually developed into a field, largely due to the eff orts of the Inter-Asia Popular Music Studies Group (IAPMS). Formally established in 2007, IAPMS is especially keen on involving scholars that are based in Asian communities. Amsterdam-based Jeroen de Kloet is one of several founding members of the group and his new book, China with a Cut: Globalization, Urban Youth and Popular Music directly relates to attempts by IAPMS to decolonise the field of study.

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