The Newsletter 69 Autumn 2014

Changing patterns of power in historical and modern Central and Inner Asia

Irina MorozovaWillem Vogelsang

In August 2012, an international workshop on ‘The legacy of perestroika discourses in knowledge production on Central and Inner Asia’ was organised by the Humboldt University in Berlin, Volkswagen Foundation, the International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS), the National Institutes for the Humanities (Japan), the Union of the Historians of Mongolia and hosted by Ulaanbaatar University in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. During the workshop, a small number of scholars in the fi eld of Central and Inner Asian Studies held a separate meeting to discuss a plan to establish an international association for the study of Central and Inner Asia and to organise an international conference to bring together a large group of researchers from all over the world to discuss various issues in a fi eld of research that, especially over the last two decades, has gone through a number of rapid developments and changes. The intention was to especially focus on participation by Asian scholars, to give them an opportunity to discuss their work and research results in an international context.