The Newsletter 93 Autumn 2022

Call for Submissions ICAS Book Prize 2023

The ICAS Book Prize (IBP) is celebrating its tenth anniversary this edition! What started as a small unknown initiative grew to become one of the largest book prizes for Asian Studies in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences. In 2003, the IBP was founded with the aim to bring a focus to academic publications on Asia in a more interdisciplinary context, expanding it beyond academic circles. This aim to increase the worldwide visibility of these publications has also encouraged a further interest in the world of Asian Studies.

Submitting books for IBP every two years might have become a routine process for many publishers now, but at the launch of the prize, it took some effort to engage the community to take part in this growing endeavour. We are grateful to all partners, sponsors, reading committee members, publishers, authors, and contributors throughout the years, who have played a significant role in the IBP becoming one of the leading Book Prizes in the field of Asian Studies.

Call for books and dissertations

English Language Edition

Deadline for submission: 1 December 2022
Submission details and more information:

Sponsor: The Asian Library at Leiden University


Since the seventh edition in 2017, the Prize expanded to include prizes for publications in different languages. In addition to the English Book and Dissertation Prizes, publications in Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish have been included in the previous edition of the book prize. With this multilingual approach, in cooperation with a host of partners and sponsors worldwide, ICAS is increasingly decentering the landscape of knowledge about and in Asia. For IBP 2021, we welcomed a new initiative to the family and are happy to announce its continuation; the IBP for Best Article on Global Hong Kong Studies.


Call for books for IBP 2023 – Other Language Editions and for articles for the IBP Hong Kong Studies Article Prize

Deadline for submission: 1 February 2023

Submission details and more information:


We are grateful to our organisers and sponsor for the current edition