The Newsletter 96 Autumn 2023

Book Publications at IIAS

Mary Lynn van Dijk

It is with pride that I present the following essays from Inge Klompmakers, Commissioning Editor for Asian Studies and the four IIAS book series at Amsterdam University Press; Paul van der Velde, who was until recently the ICAS General Secretary and Editor of the IIAS and ICAS Publications Series, as well as the initiator of The Newsletter; Tak-Wing Ngo, Series Editor of the Global Asia book series at IIAS; and Alex McKay, co-editor of the volume The Early 20th Century Resurgence of the Buddhist World in Central Asia

It has been great working with Inge, who is our Commissioning Editor at Amsterdam University Press. Her efforts on our four IIAS-AUP series continue to strengthen every book that we publish. 

Since January 2013 until he retired in late 2022, I worked with Paul closely on IIAS’s publications program. Although I have been working in publishing since November 1999, Paul has taught me a lot about publishing books, including how to work more effectively with authors, reviewers, an editors.

It has always been a pleasant, respectful, and smooth-running relationship working with Tak-Wing on the manuscripts for the Global Asia series, from submission to publication. 

I have also had the pleasure to work with Alex on the edited volume, which was released as part of the Global Asia series. 

In each of their essays, they relate their experiences working for or with IIAS. It is my hope that with these essays, The Newsletter’s readers will be able to get that rare inside view of what it has been like to be part of/connected with IIAS all these years, particularly from four people who have been involved in its book publications.


Mary Lynn van Dijk is the Publications Officer at IIAS.