The Newsletter 83 Summer 2019

Additional activities during ICAS 11

The two main venues of ICAS 11 (Lipsius and Kamerlingh Onnes) will be hosting an exhibition area for the ICAS Asian Studies Book Fair (the full list of over 30 exhibitors can be found on the conference website). Here you will find Asian studies-related publishers, institutes and service providers exhibiting their wares. In addition, a good number of acquisition editors will be present to connect with potential authors. ICAS has in the past facilitated many a happy meeting and new publication!

Public activities

Quite a few of our planned activities will cater for the public as well. They include (complete details available online):

  • the ICAS 11 Film Festival, curated by Roshni Sengupta (IIAS Fellow and Lecturer at Leiden Institute for Area Studies). The films and documentaries will be on show in Lipsius room #019, with a special viewing at Trianon cinema on 18 July.
  • ‘Masterpieces from the collection’, an exhibition at the University Library.
  • ‘China 1979 - A giant awakens’, a photo exhibition by Paul van Riel in the Sijthoff Cultural Centre.
  • ‘Divine Encounters’, a photo exhibition by Hans Kemp, at Leiden City Hall.
  • ‘Humanity’s End as a New beginning: World Disasters in Myths’, a photo exhibition by Yuriko Yamaguchi in the former University Library at Rapenburg 70.
  • ‘Heritage on the Move’, a photo exhibition by Leiden Global, in Kamerlingh Onnes, C-hallway.
  • ‘Out of Asia: 2000 years of textiles’, an exhibition at the Textile Research Centre.
  • ‘The IIAS Academic Freedom Space’, meeting place for discussions on academic freedom, at the Sijthoff Cultural Centre.

Please be advised that you will have to register online for a few of these events:

Hortus Botanical Gardens

The Asia Library

Exclusive events for participants

For a complete list of all side-events organised for exclusively ICAS 11 participants please visit the conference site, but a quick overview includes:

  • ICAS 11 curated visits to the Asian Library.
  • Canal boat ride between the two main conference locations.
  • Breakfast meeting and personal tour with curators at the National Museum of Ethnology.
  • ‘Introduction to Japanese painting conservation’, visit to the Restorient studio at the National Museum of Ethnology.
  • ‘Asia in Leiden city walk’, in conjunction with Brill publishers.
  • ‘Walking tours: Historical Leiden and Leiden’s Alms Houses’, by Cicerones.
  • Lectures and workshops at the Textile Research Centre.
  • ‘430 years challenges in Asian botany’, lecture by director P.J.A. Kessler, at the Hortus Botanicus.

Please be advised that you will have to register online for a few of these events:

Trianon cinema.

‘Heritage on the Move’, a photo exhibition by Leiden Global.

In its role as home of the ICAS Secretariat, the offices of the International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS) will also be opening its doors to all interested parties. Throughout the ICAS week there will be a number of exhibitions and demonstrations at the IIAS building at Rapenburg 59. They include an ICAS Retrospective including a Book Prize Exhibition, the Photo Contest Exhibition ‘IIAS 25 years’, a representation of 'Me, Asian?!' (see p.12) and a Chinese calligraphy demonstration followed by workshop.