Guest episode, Season 1, EP. 21 - book talk

The Trauma of Caste (Guest Episode: SASSpod)

On this episode of The Channel, we’re bringing you a full episode from our friends over at the Center for South Asia at Stanford University. 

SASSpod is hosted by Lalita du Perron and features a regular stream of excellent, in-depth discussions. According to the show’s website, “The podcasts feature a wide range of topics, ranging from poetry to politics, from manuscript collecting to music, from business to Bollywood. Every podcast consists of an informal and infative conversation about South Asia and its meaning in the world, in our lives, and at Stanford.” We recommend that all of our listeners tune in and subscribe. In the episode of SASSpod that we're playing today, Lalita du Perron talks to Thenmozhi Soundararajan of Equality Labs about her forthcoming book The Trauma of Caste, survivor power, caste in Silicon Valley, the importance of mentorship, and healing for all.

The Trauma of Caste by Thenmozhi Soundararajan