River Cities Network, Season 1, EP. 14 - conversation

River Cities #4: Revitalizations with Satya Patchineelam

This is the final episode in our four-part mini-series on River Cities as Method (RCM), a new project under the umbrella of Urban Knowledge Network Asia (UKNA) at the International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS). The goal of River Cities as Method is to promote ecologically and socially inclusive revitalizations of rivers and the cities/neighborhoods that coexist with them. In this episode, Satya Patchineelam, PhD candidate at Erasmus University and academic advisor for the RCM project, turns to the "revitalizations" theme of the RCM agenda. In the case of Satya's work among the Riverines in Brazil, this includes the history of activism against the construction of a dam, the politics of infrastructure-induced displacement, and the community's ongoing fight for a better future. This research also serves as the pilot project for RCM, so we also discuss how this theme will be mobilized across the RCM network.