The Channel, Season 1, EP. 7 - lecture

Malay Print Romance with Alicia Izharuddin

Dr. Alicia Izharuddin is a sociologist of gender and religion, and she has held research and teaching positions at Harvard Divinity School and at the University of Malaya. Broadly, her work explores the intersection of emotion, affect, and Muslim publics in Malaysia. Currently a research fellow at the International Institute for Asian Studies, Alicia is working on a book manuscript entitled The Work of Romance: Love in Affective Muslim Publics. This presentation – “From the factory floor to the page: Space and mobility in modern Malay print romance" – was recorded during a live webinar event that occurred on March 30, 2022. Drawing on ethnographic material, Alicia considers the significance of space and place for modern Malay print romance, a popular literary sub-genre in Malaysia with connective roots to social and anti-colonial consciousness.