The Channel, Season 1, EP. 17 - interview

Critical Heritage Studies with Edwin Pietersma

Edwin Pietersma is an historian and anthropologist who specializes in modern and colonial Asian history. Broadly, his research focuses on the concepts of modernity and colonialism in Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand. Edwin is an alumni of a special initiative here at IIAS, the Dual Degree in Critical Heritage Studies of Asia and Europe. This program encourages an interdisciplinary, multi-sited, and critical approach to issues of heritage, broadly conceived. It is a partnership between multiple institutions, enabling students to study at multiple institutions over the course of the program. Through this course of study, Edwin received his MA in Asian Studies from Leiden University and his MA in Anthropology from National Taiwan University in Taipei, in addition to a certificate in Critical Heritage Studies from IIAS. In this conversation, Edwin and I discuss his experience of the program. For more information on Edwin's ongoing research, visit