The Channel, Season 1, EP. 2 - book talk, conversation

Casablanca-Hanoi with Nelcya Delanoë and Caroline Grillot

Dr. Caroline Grillot, a social anthropologist and independent scholar affiliated with the Lyon Institute of East Asian Studies, and Prof. Nelcya Delanoë, an ethnohistorian and formerly professor of American history at the Université Paris Nanterre, are the authors of the book Casablanca-Hanoi: une porte dérobée sur des histoires postcoloniales (“Casablanca-Hanoi, an historical side-door onto postcolonial stories”). Published in 2021 by Editions L’Harmattan, with a preface by François Guillemot, Casablanca-Hanoi is a story that spans decades and takes place across nations. It traces the history of Moroccan-Vietnamese families in mid 20th-century Vietnam, and their descendants in the 21st century across the planet. Through these individuals’ lives’ trajectories, it is also an exploration of questions of postcolonialism, citizenship, globalization and Asia-Africa relations. Equally, the book is the story of the process of conducting research itself: of how two researchers meet and connect, and of circumstances and coincidences that shape investigation and inquiry.