Chao Yung-mau is currently Professor of Political Science at National Taiwan University. His research interests include local government and governance, intergovernmental relations, elections and local factions in Taiwan, and British politics and society. He also studies contemporary China’s political development, with special reference to local and environmental governance.

In addition to his seminal work Change and Special Characteristics of Local Government in Taiwan (1997), Prof. Chao has written many books and articles in Chinese and English, most notably on local government and elections in Taiwan. His recent publications include “The Restructuring of Local Politics and Political Parties in East Asia: From Establishments of Money-Politics to the Emergence of Active Civic Engagement” in Panorama: Insights into Asian and European Affairs (2013). He is also the lead editor of Intergovernmental Relations: Emerging Issues and Strategies for Governance (2012), published by the Social Sciences Academic Press in Beijing.