Multilateral security and cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region is in essence a series of relevant issues including how to set up mutual security trust among countries within the region ,security ties between the U.S and the Asia-Pacific states, the role and development trend of ASEAN Regional Forum ,dialogue and cooperation between big powers in the regional military alliance .It aims to gradually set up a common security consciousness and policy conception ,and build a multilateral security and cooperative framework in the Asia -Pacific. But the Asia-Pacific is a region inhabited by various ethnic groups with great different religious backgrounds, culture tradition and the economic levels which make them difficult to be merged .This naturally result in their pessimistic attitudes for the multilateral security cooperation ,compared with European region .But in the impact of September 11,anti-terrorism and the regional stability have a common demand of all countries in the region, Asian-Pacific nations became actively involved in the regional multilateral security cooperation .Meanwhile the U.S leadership is shifting its strategic focus from Europe to this area and hopes to priority.

Due to historical tradition and the two world wars lessons in 20th century ,European nations has been engaging to construct the regional multilateral security cooperation mechanism to avoid the mutual conflicts. It's crucial importance for Asian-Pacific states that absorb European successful experience, know their problems and probably meet the difficults .

My research plan aims to include the following research topics. First, the problems of current Asian-Pacific Regional Security Cooperation. Second, European experience and lessons to bolster and satisfy various countries' different security interest appeals before building mutual security trust and shaping CBMs. Third, outlet of Current Asian-Pacific Regional Security Cooperation at the turning point .