My research visit to IIAS aims facilitate me to write a series of articles concerning significant issues as regard to new patterns of migration in and out of Taiwan in comparative perspectives. In my previous writing, I have begun to explore the common themes related to marriage and labor migration within Asia. I would like to further this line of writing by assessing what Asian scholarly works have presented on their separate societies. This proposed research aims to give a comparative perspective to the common themes related to marriage migration to East Asian countries, mainly focusing on Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, and Korea.

Based on interpreting what has been written by East Asian scholarly works on their separate societies, I would like to find evidence to support some important propositions in making comparisons. The intended writing will better the comparisons between East Asian countries about the processes and consequences of marriage migrants from other parts of Asia to this region. I would be most interested in comparing situations and policies of immigration control and integration. The visit to IIAS will also facilitate me to engage in scholarly exchanges with other Asian experts and such exchanges will certainly provide me with insights of comparing social, cultural, economic, and political contexts of both receiving and sending countries.