After Sept.11, there are some new changes in the international politics and relations including the changes of relations between big nations. As an important role in the world, European special force in the world is unable to be neglected. The introduction of the European Monetary Union (EMU) has brought the European Union to a new stage of integration. The east expansion of 2004 as well as the institutional reform, and the future adoption of a constitution, is further developing the European Union as a major player in global economy and international politics.

Meanwhile, China and EU have more and more contacts with each other. China is the EU's second largest non-European trading partner after US. EU is China's largest trading partner in the world. China views EU as her comprehensive strategic partner. EU views China as "a maturing partner". In the international affairs, China and EU have many common points including opposing hegemony, advocating multipolarization of world structure, develop bilateral trade etc.

I hope to have more understanding of EU-China relations through engaging this research. My research will focus on the new changes and highlights between EU-China relations, which concerns new changes of EU and EU's policy to China, the attitudes of European society to China as well as the conditions of EU and the Netherlands, the outlook of EU-China relations. Besides the data-collecting work, my research will also try to do some thinking work about the EU-China relations in the future.