Previous stay at IIAS: 11 October 2010 - 11 November 2010

Research topic 2010

Sino-Latin American energy cooperation is an unnegligible important part of the global changing energy order in the Western Hemisphere, which has become a hotly debated topic in Sino-Latin American relations research in recent years. In order to better understanding China’s role in the Western Hemisphere, the research will center around Energy Cooperation Models between China and Latin America and try to answer the following questions with some case studies. Firstly, what cooperation models have been adopted by both sides? Secondly, what determinants can be found in different cooperation models? Thirdly, How to assess effects of different cooperation models on Latin American energy development?This paper will select Sino-Venezuela Energy Cooperation as the main case, while in comparison with China’s cooperation with Peru and Ecuador. In the research, it will discuss the roles of states, oil companies and local communities in Energy Cooperation Models.