My current research topic is the phonological behaviour of nasals in Korean. This research explores how nasals in Korean phonologically behave in stem-internal position and in suffixation, focusing on nasal + voiceless lenis obstruent (NC) sequences. I argue that neither the mainstream approaches, which are based on sonority-based syllabification or Syllable Contact and a consonant strength scale, nor a phonetically motivated phonotactic constraint *NCĬ that avoids nasal/voiceless obstruent clusters, are not adequate to account for the behaviour of nasals. The working hypothesis will be that nasals are not weaker than voiceless lenis obstruents in terms of the consonant strength scale. The alternative view is largely based on my Ph. D. thesis which shows that in Korean the behaviour of the nasals parallels that of lenis obstruents. The primary aim of the project is to elaborate and refine the analysis in the thesis for the behaviour of nasals in Korean.